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In the travel world, many a world-class venue flies under the radar. Structured cruises and tours often miss the best stops in town. This is the Directory to the plush, unique, and unknown. These hidden spots remain “unknown" because guests become loyal and protective of their special-ness. Check them out as they are posted. Pin them, like them, or share them with others who have luxury bucket lists like you.

We get to see, smell, and taste the world, so we can bring it to you as vividly as we can. We try to capture the colors, scents, and flavors of unique hotels, luxurious spas, and culinary hot-spots around the world – but off the tour guides’ beaten path in big cities and small. We want to surprise you, thrill you, and overwhelm you with new opportunities in exotic, mysterious, and even dangerous places.

  • You will share our peek into a full-service spa on the coast of St. Lucia. Maybe you can follow us into the $35 million interior of a Moscow baroque dining fantasy. You can hang out in Parisian cafes with models and designers during Fashion Week or dance until dawn in Monte Carlo.
  • We will take you inside castles around the world, dine on fresh perch in Switzerland, or tango in a back street club in Buenos Aeries. We will help you herd sheep on Scotland’s Orkney Islands or deep sea fish off the coast of Cuba. We will highlight the best Bed & Breakfast near Texas’ best barbecue or the laziest hotel in the Yucatan.
  • You can safari in comfort in Central Africa, run cattle with your mates in Australia, or sail the Aegean in style. Oman and Dubai host the most wealthy, and Bangkok and Manila bring history alive. You can follow the jazz circuit from Newport to Monterey to Montreaux, or open the opera season in Milan, Vienna, or New York. You can “stalk" celebrities in Tuscany or sunbathe with them in Rio.

You are invited to review the property we display, share it with friends, and post it to your own board, You can visit the sites, take a friend with you, or discover someone with a mutual interest for a trip down the road.

This Directory locates and spotlights those special places on the travel horizon that pamper, please, and perform with excellence. The venues listed promise and deliver the new, the unexpected, and the memorable. Explore the website and calendar a trip.

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